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Fronted by lead vocalists Joe Marino and Sarah Thomson and featuring lead guitarist Chris Davis, bassist Chris Roy, and drummer/vocalist Scott Piccolo, The One Night Stands dare to be different.

Featuring a mix of contemporary hits and classic favorites, we excel in in making songs our own. Through alternative arrangements of popular songs and killer mashups, we'll keep you dancing, head-banging, and singing along with us all night while giving you a truly unique performance that you can't get from any other band.

Ever heard Dua Lipa mashed up with Nirvana? How about Celine Dion with My Chemical Romance? Pop punk covers of Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift? We do all of that and more. It's all part of our mission to make our shows unforgettable, whether you're catching us on a night out with your friends or on the dance floor at your wedding.

Don't miss your chance to book The One Night Stands - click here to make it happen! And be sure to follow us on Instagram @wearethestands to stay up to date on our latest gigs!

Not your typical cover band.


Let's get the ball rolling on making me and/or The One Night Stands a part of your next big event! I can't wait to connect with you and talk about what you have in mind and how we might be able to work together!


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